Wallpapers! Fun fun fun :P haha man I got too many pictures onto the internet for this community that I had to make a new photobucket account…wow, I suck :P

For you today I have –

Seether, The Used, The Butterfly Effect, Submersed, The Offspring, Funeral For A Friend, Nightwish, Within Temptation, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil

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enjoy! <3
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We'll die alone

more!!! I love posting piccys :) mwahaha!
behind the cut -

tourettes, funeral for a friend, parkway drive, dresden dolls, lacuna coil, nirvana, my chemical romance,
nightwish, a.f.i., smashing pumpkins, muderdolls, 36 crazyfists, dimebag darrel (pantera, damageplan), killswitch engage

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accept the empty exists where nothing is found

I'm so glad I found this community ^^
anyway, enough of that...picture time!

under the cut:
I Killed The Prom Queen, Gyroscope, Kisschasy, After The Fall, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, A Perfect Circle, Submersed, The Used, The Butterfly Effect, Visions Of Atlantis.

I'll put some others up too when I have time :)

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Hey. I'm new. My name's Gianna. If you need help on your layout or anything like that, just ask me. I think I'm rpetty good at making layouts =) are some pictures. 1)Old school Good Charlotte 2)Simple Plan 3)Tony Lavato from Mest 4)Ryan Cabrera 5)My Chemical Romance 6)The Starting Line

Also, I have a question. In the rules, it says that whenever we post, there must be a picture or else it'll be deleated. Well, if we're requesting for an icon, or something like that, should we include a picture, also?

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(no subject)

hello everyone, please join! This is my first community, so I don't think it will last very long. Give me suggestions on how to improve it; the layout, the idea, etc.
Please promote! And please post some pictures!

Here I go. Under the cut is: Davey Havok (AFI), Green Day, Mike Shinoda (LP), Blink 182, Papa Roach, lostprophets, The Killers

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Have Fun!!
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